Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey Kids, 

Welcome me to the 21st century.  I finally got the blog up and running.  Took me forever since web techno geeks have a very bad habit of providing overly complicated instructions in a language they specifically created to baffle and confound the layman (somewhat like trying to understand Trekie who's speaking to you in Klingon). 

Anyway, you're invited to be a part of our estate liquidation family.  We have 2 to 3 estate liquidations a month, and will keep you posted on what's available -- antique, vintage or otherwise.  We'll also discuss a wide range of topics relating to the antiques and liquidations field on this blog.  Hopefully the reader and poster alike will learn much more as we progress.  And please be patient as we work out any bugs we expect to encounter in the blog world.

Stay with us, and you'll have fun.  And if you're in the L.A. area, sign onto our website and ask to be put on our email list for upcoming sales.  We're located at www.cbrunoantiques.com

- David

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