Saturday, August 31, 2013


We have a mantra that we continually recite to our clients...."NEVER throw anything away."  

Whether or not you believe you have items that deserve a place in a landfill, you could very well be tossing out hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  

An example of a 35mm Las Vegas travel slide
A perfect example of this occurred several months back.  We met with a client representing the estate of her father.  Aside from his profession as a military contractor, he was also a traveler and a very accomplished hobbyist photographer from the 1940's - 60's.  The client did not believe his photographs were worth anything to anybody and tossed out thousands of 35mm slides.   After evaluating the estate, we determined that many of these lost photos were of early Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip, military sites and general travel pics.  

From past sales experience, we determined that some of these photos could have been worth up to $40 each (particularly the early Las Vegas slides).  We conservatively estimated that somewhere between $1300 and $3500 in slides were forever lost.  Who buys these slides?  How about historic archives and stock photo agencies.   

A good (but all too late) lesson learned.

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